My story so far.


About Me

My name is Thom Whilton and I’m excited to be sharing my original artworks and passion for design with you – all created originally by me in Melbourne!


It has been a long time coming, spending many years in studios and behind closed doors, creating artworks and (sometimes) posting them on Instagram as I developed my aesthetic.


After what feels like a lifetime, I am so excited that I have created a series of pieces that I am so proud of  and it is (finally!) here to share with you now.

Why I Made My Artwork Available.

Right now I am the Creative Director at one of Australia’s largest Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle websites with I am also the Director at C-Creative where we lead over 13 brands every month to social media success and together with my amazing team, we have created digital content campaigns for MYER, David Jones, J.Crew, San Pellegrino, Lenovo and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.


Being in a creative industry, I have worked in some fantastic places and met so many amazing and talented people. I have been inspired watching fashion collections hit the runway and then sell out before hitting stores as well as watching as multi-million dollar pieces of jewellery are created in front of me. I have traveled the world working with creatives and after seeing so much of the design world, only now am I finding what it is that I want to create – and that is original and unique artworks.


In my early days of research into this world of art, I noticed that the market was full of prints and copies of artwork that thousands of people already owned. If it wasn’t copied, it just wasn’t my style. As I discovered my aesthetic, I learnt that others liked it too – so I decided to create my first range. 

This Was The Solution.

I promised myself that I would develop my aesthetic until I had found a style that I loved and couldn’t wait to share with others. When that day came, I also promised that I would make these original artworks available at affordable prices.


After reading about fantastic art suppliers and galleries who have the same mission as myself, I knew this was something that was needed and decided to help contribute myself!


I am so proud of my new collection of stencil artworks all produced in Melbourne on stunning Arches Aquarelle 300GSM rough watercolour paper, which means this beautiful stock looks amazing in or out of a frame. The perfect canvas for my original artworks that you cannot find anywhere else.

I have converted these original pieces, into digital artworks that are printed on fine art linen paper using the highest quality fine art gliclee printing techiques.


Creating these collections have been so much fun, and you can join me and welcome signed and numbered, original and affordable pieces and prints into your home as well.


Thank you for reading!
Thom Whilton

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